conventional butterfly valve

Electric butterfly valve is a butterfly valve matched with electric actuator, and can be divided into switch type (providing active and passive feedback signal) and regulating type, it can be controlled through inputting control signal (4~20mA or 0~10VDC) and single-phase power. As it is powerful, light and portable and is superior for its reliable performance, simple matching and strong flow capacity, the valve can be particularly applied to sticky medium with particle and fiber. At present, the electric regulating butterfly valve has been widely applied to automatic control system in industries including food,environmental protection, light industry, petroleum, paper making, chemical engineering, education and scientific research equipment and electricity.


1. The body is made off hard alloy steel ,have the protect painting,anti-Corrosion,IP67 level

2. The electric actuator have the small size,larger torque,F insulation grade,

3. It can be use the handle for less effort, and small size, when the electricity shut off.

4. Indicator :the indicator use the highlight showcase,it is convenience to look over

5. Dryer:it can keep the environmental dry ,to protect the machine work in normal operating conditions

DN(mm) 32~1200
PN(MPa) 1.0~1.6
item KLA1,KLA2,KLA3,KLA4
control KLA1,KLA2,KLA3,KLA4
power KLA1,KLA2,KLA3,KLA4
Ps(Mpa) Strength test 1.5~2.4
Seal test 1.5~2.4
Ps(Mpa) body 1.5~2.4
Disc 1.5~2.4
seat 1.5~2.4
connection   wafer,flange
Product connection size

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